Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Impulse Buy

I couldn't resist buying this so soon after a trip to Scotland, could I?

Centerpiece Done

After completing the centerpiece of this work I have to put it up for approximately six weeks.  It won't fit in my suitcase as I go to India in two days for work.  So... here it sits for a bit.  The middle medallion is striking, no?

Filling The Wing

This is coming along nicely.  I like the colors of the wing and the way it's swimming along.

Birds And Monkeys

From Kwanza River Lodge, we took a boat trip up the river.  A little bit in, we found birds and monkeys sitting on the river banks.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Another zulilly find by Andreas.  I like these floral pillowcases.  They should work up pretty quickly, too.

Other Than Green

Yay, I am finally starting the first flower!  True progress at last!

Around The Spiral

The flower's petals are getting boring, but at least I have the majority of them done and will go on to something else soon.

Kwanza River Lodge

The last time we visited Kwanza River Lodge, it was sodden, had pools of water under all the cabanas, and was a mosquito breeding ground.  Not a good place to be in the land of yellow fever and malaria.  

When we went this time, it was much drier and pleasant.  Even the shore birds approved.

Monday, March 20, 2017


I have scaffolding on the left now.  It's going pretty quickly, I think.

All The Way Across

After digging this out, I am all the way across the top now.  Maybe soon I can start the actual picture.

Mystery To Make

Well, I have this, but I have no time yet.  I am thinking home leave for it.

Flowers On The Cliff

More photos of Miradouro and the cliffs.  These yellow flowers were blooming.  They remind me of honey locust, but they weren't.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Couldn't Resist

This is the beginning of the first of the Knot My 2017 series.  It's called Tulip Garden, and I will be working on it intermittently.  I'm taking it with me to India, too.  Tracy Horner is releasing six designs in the series this year.

To The Staff

The picture is complete to the staff.  I'm getting so much closer.  Can't wait for the picture to be done.

To India It Goes

 I think I am going to pack this in my suitcase for India.  It seems appropriate to stitch there.

More Miradouro

We went on safari last month at Quissama National Park.  It was a day safari and we brought our Marine son Phat. On our way there, we stopped at Miradouro da Lua, and still didn't get to the bottom.  It was the first time Phat saw it.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Made A Diamond

One more round of the squares in squares done.  I like the way it looks.

Working On Black

I have more and more black to do - about three shades of it.  At least it seems to be adding some depth to the design.

New Peacocks

Another peacock design, courtesy of Andreas.  Now to do something with it.  Probably won't be able to until after the permanent change of station (PCS).

Airport Lunch

Evidently, if you are departing the Vienna airport, you're not supposed to be hungry.  There's very little choice and it's overpriced.  At least it tasted good.

Peacing The Top

Finally starting back on this.  For some reason, I was thinking it was much harder than it is.  It's one reason why it took me so long to put it in the rotation.  Should be done fairly quickly.

Meeting Up Again

I am once again reconciling the extra nine or so stitches in the middle.  Time to be creative.  This will end when I'm done with the branchy stuff.

Julep Time

A Julep made it through pouch, yay!  I'm trying the oil and so far I like it.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Last Dinner

This was our last dinner in Vienna, at the Frau restaurant we'd gone to a few times.  We had it with Jeanette and Kent, who were starting a conference that day.  Dinner was good, especially the elderflower cocktail and the carrot soup!