Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Midi Mystery - Rhodes Started

Finally done with all the cross stitch on part one! It's only taken me three months to get it done, nearly. The Rhodes stitches should go quicker. Although a lot of people are using three strands of silk for this, I'm sticking with two. I don't like my stitches sticking out so far from the fabric. It's going more quickly now. I think the repetition and so much Treasure Braid was making me go slower earlier. I hope to have all the top part done this week, and maybe to start the bottom special stitches. The picture was taken two days ago - I have the stitches on the left outlined now and the Rhodes stitches in the middle are done.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Medieval Town Mandala - Butterflies Done!

Yay! I got all eight butterflies done! Now I'm stitching the square in Treasure Braid before filling in the corner motifs. This is turning out a LOT sparklier than the picture looked originally. Maybe at one point I'll be able to stitch large amounts of Treasure Braid without getting it twisted. That's my major gripe with all metallics, though - that and the difficulty of keeping them properly even while stitching. This piece is giving me practice with it, though.

Goldwork Ground

So, this is the beginning of my first goldwork project. I'm following the directions rather carefully, so under the silk top layer is a linen twill layer attached with staples to a wooden frame made by my wonderful husband. Unlike the transfer for the crewel class that I completed last week, this teacher is having me attach the paper to the fabric and tack the design outline with running stitches. As of now, I think I like it better and would probably use it for crewel. I started the process today. The initial tacking will take a lot longer, but no pencil or carbon smudges and less likelihood of slippage. It seems to give more control, too. Next week's picture will show how the tacking looks on the silk.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Panda Pal and Mystery Ornament

These are the two newest projects, and therefore the least stitched. The panda is started and I am working on the largest solid black section now. Once it's done, the rest will go pretty quickly. On the other ornament, the threads used are the same as in the Midi Mystery, and the chart is available only for those taking the Midi Mystery group. Martina evidently uses these smaller designs to check how the colors go together. I'm just happy I get to have another ornament to do for gifts and have all the threads on hand.

Major Bargello Progress

As you can see, I finished sections C and D on the bargello. Only four more sections to go, and I've started one of them. This particular ribbon part is harder to do - the black is really being hard, even with a white background, and the counting to keep everything straight is somewhat of a headache. On the positive side, both my daughter and my husband really like it; my husband is expecially fascinated with the star. Maybe I'll have this ribbon done by the end of the week, but I doubt it.

Another Great Framing Job and Bleu Normandie

My husband finished another frame - he seems to be doing one per week he's home. Considering the backlog, he'll have a few more weeks to go. This piece is the Mixed Stitches Band Sampler from the class by Classic Stitches. I took it this spring and the work went fairly quickly. I used a combination of cotton and silk threads on it. I might make another at some point in different colors. I'm also including a picture of Bleu Normandie, which I finished this week. Two down, several more to go. Taking a break from them and doing a different ornament this week. I like this color combination better than the first, though.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Other Projects

I decided to lump in all the other works in progress in one pictureless post because there wasn't much difference in the photos my husband took on Sunday vs the ones he had taken the previous week. So, what's done? Today I finished Bleu Normandie. I also have to start a goldwork class I signed up for on the Classic Stitches website. It started on the eleventh and I got my kit in the mail on Tuesday. Until then, I'd forgotten about it. So - I start stitching on that today. The Medieval Town Mandala is progressing - I finished the final over one butterfly today, and get to work another Treasure Braid square. On the Midi Mystery, I finished the cross stitches from Part 1, which means I get to work all the specialty stitches before going on to Part 2. Getting there - the Rhodes stitches go fast. Since I finished Bleu Normandie, I'm also starting a new ornament. Decided to give Normandie a break and will be working the small design that was given as an extra in the Midi Mystery group. It should go quickly; it's not very big. Pictures will be taken again on Sunday before my husband leaves on his business trip for the week.