Monday, December 04, 2006

Joyeux Noel

This was one of the two ornaments I started a couple of weeks ago. I finished the stitching on this one and think it came out well. Now to do the finishing into an ornament to exchange next Monday at the Pocono Mountain Christmas party. It's a freebie on Isabell Vautier's blog if you want to do it too.

Panda and Midi Mystery

Both of these are making progress - some more of the little panda is stitched and the arches are coming along slowly. They're just stuck, kind of. I feel like I'm not making a lot of headway on them.

Beading Away

So yes, I've gotten some done on both. The strap is about two inches longer and the purse itself has beaded fly stitches over almost all of the first line - at least after these pictures were taken. The fly stitch goes really quickly, but like all beading, it's just not portable. I even have problems putting it on my computer desk and working on it while I'm waiting for something else, so it's a dining room table only process. It's getting there, though.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Medieval Town Mandala - Part 3 Completed

I finally finished Part 3! Part four is a border of little flowers along the outside with fences above them on each side, so it should take a LOT less time. Many fewer stitches. I'll be starting part 4 today. I'm just very happy to have another part done.

Needlepoint Progress

There's been progress on both of these. I've gotten all the colored stitching done in the upper left hand corner of the auction piece and, since this picture was taken yesterday morning, got most of the long arm cross stitch border of it done. the black lines delineating the edges of the signs will be couched, so after I get the border done, I'll be filling in that square. I've also gotten the second, red border done on the flower piece and started the third border. Maybe soon I'll actually be able to work on the focal point. At least it's coming along.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

A Collection of Ornaments

I really need to get better at finishing ornaments. I am good when I take a lot of time and plan properly, but really am not good at using glue well. So, these ornaments are not finished well - they don't set off the stitching well. The one that I stitched (with the gold hanger) is much better. I have another ornament to finish soon. I'm going to try to take more time with it and do it properly.

Couching a Petal

The goldwork is coming along - I've spent this week's worth of time on it couching this one petal. I'm almost done with it. The pointy part I'm not quite happy with - the core gives a sharp turn, but the gold metal wrapping around it doesn't want to bend as easily. Anyway, as I do more lines of it, it becomes more acceptable. I'm liking the look of this more than I thought I would.