Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A Little Progress

As stated in an earlier post, I was so wrapped up in finishing that piece of needlepoint and having a life that I didn't get much else stitchingwise done. I did manage to do a little more on both of these. The black border is almost done on the MTM and I've just got one small bit of arch to do before I can finally move on to doing something else on the Midi. This week I should have progress on everything by Saturday or Friday night, whenever my husband takes the pictures.

It's DONE!

Yup, after months of work and a lot of looking at it in despair, it's done. I'll be mailing it off tomorrow to the ANG for their auction. I'm just really happy to have it finished. It even counts toward my ten project challenge, too. Five down, five to go.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Auction Piece, Almost Done

Sometimes you get sick of a piece before you finish it. I've been feeling that way about this piece for a while now - it's not anything near what I would normally pick for myself to do and not even the subject matter interested me. So I made a big push to finish it last week and didn't -quite- do it. I should finish it tonight, if everything goes as planned. I hope. It's due to be mailed by March first. That's the latest it can be out of my hair. I've neglected a lot of other stuff over the past five days to work on this and also have had a lot of extra family stuff happening, so I haven't stitched on other projects as much as I wanted to, which just makes me grumpier. I NEED to finish this tonight ... wish me luck.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Silk and Metal GCC Start

Even though I've had this for almost six months, I hadn't been able to start it because I wanted to finish the other goldwork first. Well, as you know, I finished it week before last and so it's time for this! I've got the fabric marked and onto stretcher bars, but haven't done anything else with it yet. Today or tomorrow, I'll actually start stitching. I'm looking forward to it.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Rose Round Robin Started

You can see where I decided to place my two roses now. They'll be more horizontal and underline the rest of the piece. Since this picture was taken, I've started on the roses themselves and not just the leaves. I really like this idea ... then, I've liked all the ideas for these round robins. Each one is so unique and will be treasured when it's done.

Ribbons and More Roses

Well, I'm officially halfway done on the strap now and I did manage to get the beads and finish the feather stitches on the ribbons (thank you Deanna!). Now comes the construction. I've started stitching around the edges - decided I didn't want to use a machine with all the beading, so I'm doing it by hand. As of today, I'm about halfway done with that. It's coming along, at least ... slowly I make progress, but I do get things done!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Mini Mandala

Probably next week I'm just going to sit down and finish this. It's getting on my nerves that it's taken so long. I've got almost all the cross stitching done and have a lot of the Rhodes stitches done. There's a lot of backstitching in the middles of the quadrants for fountains that I need to do, and the gates, but I think I can finish it off in one day if I don't work on anything else. That'll be a goal for next week... and another project crossed off my list.