Sunday, June 24, 2007

Calendar Round Robin

This is my work so far on Vicki's calendar round robin. She did the hedgehog before mailing it to me. The designs are from World of Cross Stitch magazine, and she's having each of us do one month. My husband thinks the hedgehog's very cute.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Silk and Metal Done, Done, Done!

It's done! I managed to complete this Group Correspondence Course on time. I'll be sending it to Rissa next week. Everyone here loves it. I see some flaws, but I learned a lot. The lower picture was taken yesterday evening before I finished. I just got up this morning and worked on it until about noon. Today's been a rainy day in Normandy, so it was a good day to stay home. This makes finish number five of my 25 project challenge. I'm so happy it's complete! I'd been feeling (again) like I'd not been making much progress.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Normandy Museum

Since Lynn requested it, here's some of what we saw inside. The Normandy Museum isn't an art museum - it documents the life and culture of Normandy. There are a lot of results of archaeological digs and several pieces of farm equipment. The statue here is a mother goddess from the Gallic era, influenced by Rome ( I think the sign said ~200 BCE). It was in pieces and they put it back together.
The lace here is the only piece they had being put together. There are other pieces (a really pretty wedding dress), but this is all I got a picture of. This same room also had a collection of hats - the kinds of hats different villages used. All were very fine cotton voile starched stiff with lace additions. I couldn't imagine why some of the shapes were used, though. One looked almost like a duck sitting on someone's head.

My husband loves old furniture, so I took a picture of this for him. He'll probably incorporate some of this into one of his designs (in his meager spare time, he makes furniture). It's a pretty chest that looks like it was once in a church, possibly to hold the candles.

I really liked the design on this cidre jug. Cidre and calvados are the two drinks of Normandy. Cidre comes in two types - dry an sweet. Sweet tastes like drinking an apple pie. Dry (brut) is better. Calvados is rotgut until it finally starts smoothing out after aging at least oh ... twenty years?

I really liked the design on this GalloRoman brooch dug up in Normandy. I might use its pattern to design something.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Yesterday's Trip to Caen

My son and I went to Caen yesterday to the Normandy Museum to work on my Legacy scholarship from the EGA. It's in the Ducal Chateau - originally built by William of Normandy (yes, the 1066 William). The walls rise about fifty feet above the town center and there are several buildings inside. It was all rebuilt after World War Two.
As you can see, the French have a penchant for ignoring handicapped access. Their stairs are steep and there's no way to get around them. Makes a pretty scary picture!

This is the entrance to the chateau area. Rather imposing.

I saw this building from the top of the walls and liked the look of it, so I took a picture.

I -think- this is the Abbaye aux Hommes. Whatever it is, it's just across the street from the chateau walls and it caught my interest.

More Victorian Garden

I've been able to make some progress on this. The thread feels good in my hands and I like watching the pattern take form. What's better is I haven't had to stitch any with the honeydew until today. The honeydew, to me, is a filling color. It's pretty enough on its own, but the pattern's darker colors are more dominant to me. Someone is already done with part six of this - it's in the yahoogroup photos. It's gorgeous. I still think this color background is the best for it.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Ribbons and Roses Purse

I'm almost done with this - except I ran out of black beads lastweek. I'm waiting for the ones my daughter sent to me on Thursday in the mail. They should get here some time this week. Then, I can finish the purse. It'll be a good thing. I've really liked this project, though. I'll be making more purses and other things with this technique.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Medieval Town Mandala

Yes, it's been a while for this one, but I made some progress on it last week. The second corner is more started now and the first corner needs only the downward part filled in. I love working with these colors every time I do.