Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Beginning the Braid

I got the rest of the cashmere stitches done on this and started the next step - a braid on the side of each outer block. I should have those done by the next picture. It's coming along, but I probably won't finish it for Christmas without a lot of extra time I can't seem to find.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Back to the Chicken

I swear this is going -so- slowly. I've been working on it every day, and I am almost done with the inner part now. There's still a border to go around this whole thing. I hope I don't see a chicken for a long time after this.

Frogs Finished

Well, yesterday I said I'd finish these, and I did. My husband's already working on framing them. I think the backstitching helped a LOT and they came out really cute. My son still has no clue it's for him. This makes my eleventh finish for my 25 project challenge and my first non-round robin finish all month. I've been a slacker.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Two and a Half

I'm hoping to have this done tonight, as I just finished all the cross stitching. Got the last half frog done since Friday evening, when this picture was taken. It'll be one of my Christmas things done. I'll have my husband take a picture and post it when I finish.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Filling Up the Garden

I started adding the blue in the middle of the little garden area this week. It's beginning to look like something, at least. I think there are about ten different shades of blue in this part. They provide a lot of shade and definition. Time to get more done on it.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

A Christmas Ornament

Since this is the beginning of the Christmas blitz, I'd better work on ornaments, right? This one is on white using Vikki Clayton's silk. It's a free chart called Wheel of Fortune that I downloaded and printed off from somewhere. At least it's started.

An Island Home

This is the project I picked for the ANG Cyberpointers (gads, I hate that name!) test meeting. The line drawing itself is from the Classic Stitches website. They suggested using Anchor threads and long and short stitch for it. Their version looked very nice, but I'm the experimental type and was told by my co-committee heads that I needed to "add value" to the project instead of just putting this one out there. So, I managed to add more stitch types to it and stitch from my stash instead of going out and buying new colors.

I like the way it's turning out. It's a bit more abstract than the original. I probably would change the buttonhole gobelin stitches on the cottage to something else, but I like the way the stitches are coming together for everything else.