Sunday, May 04, 2008

Band Four Done

I didn't get very much done at the group stitchalong on this on Wednesday, but I did make some progress. On Thursday I finished up Band four and started Band 5. Band four wasn't difficult, just a bunch of satin stitches. Band five has a bit more variety.

April Recap

Well, about all that can be said of April is that it was better than March, stitching-wise. I finished six projects and worked on everything I was supposed to. Got the March and April ornaments done, so I'm on track with that goal. The other goals are still there, but I haven't completed any of the big ones. Take It Further has just gotten lost in the mess. I guess this is what happens when you have a life. I'll still be trying to plug away at things in May, despite a change in continents mid-month.

Silver Swirls

Another part of this buckle done - the swirls. The dragonfly's body is next. Yes, this is going to Europe with me. It should be something quick and easy to do, and I'm going to have a lot of airport time, since I have two connections to make. I doubt I'll sleep much in public places, and I'll be afraid I'm going to miss my flight anyway. So, not only is this going with me, I'll be taking a couple more to mount on the same frame when this is done. Those will be going by mail, though.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Triangles Into Diamonds

Unfortunately, this one isn't going to Europe with me. I won't have a way to make stretcher bars there and it's a bit big for my suitcase. I got the rest of the triangular Jessicas done. They went very easily. I almost feel like just sitting down and finishing this, since the large part of the work is done. I don't believe there are anymore huge numbers of tiny Jessicas in the last band. There are two small stitches to put outside the diamonds I completed and then the arcs again to finish off this band.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Slogging Through the Third

I've really seemed to bog down on this third side now. It's looking more and more full, but I feel like it's just dragging. This will be another project I take with me to Europe. The person I'm staying with is the person it's for, after all. I've had a lot of stuff going on preparing for the trip, so I've had less stitching time. Maybe this week, right before I go, I can scrape up more. Yes, I know I'm dreaming.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

The Heart

As you see, I finished stitching this over the weekend and my husband came home, so he took a picture last night. I learned (again) that I really don't prefer Aida anymore. I also learned not to take a beading project to do at a medical waiting room. There's no place to put your beads and the receptionist gets upset when you spill them off your leg. It'll be turned into an ornament. I think it looks cute, but I won't be doing it again.

A Total Mystery

This week I discovered that I loathe gridding. I joined a German yahoogroup that is basically a pilot group for a couple of designers. They were starting a new project, so I did too. The title is "Totales Mysterie" and they made us grid the fabric. Every two weeks, they give us four blocks to fill. Today, they released the fourth set of four blocks. This picture shows two blocks stitched. Since then, I'm up to ten stitched. It's interesting seeing it come along. I'm using a hand dyed opalescent from Silkweaver and Victorian Mist premium floss from Vikki Clayton.