Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Three in One

These blocks are from the Whatever Goes round robin sponsored by the CQ Embellishers group. Sandi sent three small squares to work on. They're to be part of a larger quilt. The top three pictures are of the blocks before I worked on them. There are two more people to send to before they get back to Sandi, so I couldn't do too much.

These three pictures are of the blocks after my work. The only "special" thing worth noting is the dark flower on the all blue block. It is part of the trim I bought in Plovdiv and seems to fit there perfectly.

Lining Up

This too was worked on twice this past week. I'm sooo close to the halfway point that I'll reach it next time I work on it.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Getting the Blocks Done

I go away again for a week on Tuesday next, and have company for two months after that, so I'm trying to get all my round robins mailed out before that. Yes, I'm trying to be organized and prepared. Wonderment! This is Laura's CQI Do Your Block. She's making a quilt for Project Linus, so no beads or other really froufrou embellishments.

I decided to challenge myself a bit more with it and use only one kind of floss. I used a rainbow colored Threadworx, and did a bit with it. The seams and four flowers, plus a heart in the middle. I think it looks bright and cheery for a regular quilt. The blocks were sent on on Saturday. I hope Laura approves.

An Ollllld UFO

I don't think I've worked on this for five years previous to last week. It got added to my rotation with the finishing of Berries for You! It's Church Street from Barbara and Cheryl and I'm about a third of the way done. I did black on the door this week. It felt good to get back to it. I have a few more UFO's to add to my rotation as I finish other things.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Spring Mystery Revealed

I finished the Spring Mystery from Tam's Creations on Friday. I think it looks really good. I've not decided whether to make it into a pillow or let my husband frame it. I only finished it a month after the scheduled finish. That's somewhat of a record for me. See the Stars is caught up and I'm working on catching up Zentangle. Currently, I'm back to two parts behind, but I'm stitching it today. All of these are through the German Marquoir group on Yahoo. I'd like to thank Elke and Susanne for obtaining permission for us to work on such great projects!

Getting Tire-d

Bibendum was one of the pieces I got to work on twice this past week. For some reason I stitched more on things. I got through my whole rotation plus again about half. Anyway, he's got both tires started now and the end is beginning to get obvious.

Green Swirls

As you can see, I did some of the lines and some of the egg again. I like the way the swirls look different from the side on the egg. Anyway, the big thing is progress is being made.