Thursday, February 04, 2010

Can You See?

More shutter, more of the bottom area.  It's coming along, but it's so big it's hard to see what I've done.

Groundhog Day in Uruguay

While people in the States were figuring out if there'd be more winter, here in Uruguay, February 2 is dedicated to the Goddess of the Sea, Yemanja.  It had been threatening to rain all day, but held off for this event.  This first picture is of the rides at Parque Rodo, all lit up and going full blast.  It was a night of celebration.
 The idea of Yemanja is to give offerings to the sea.  Part of that is digging holes in the beach at Playa Ramirez and lighting candles in the bottom.  People spent all day on the beach making holes and other things - usually boats - for the offerings in the sand.

Not the best of shots, but it shows the size of the crowd and that it really was right on the shore.

Dressing in white robes seems to be part of the ritual for some, and here they're preparing a styrofoam boat to launch with offerings out into the river.

Here, a lot of lit holes in the ground.  They looked pretty dotted randomly down the beach, but were treacherous when the light went out.  I'm sure there were a lot of wrenched ankles before the night was through.

Communing, offering prayers, I don't know, but many people sat by their holes contemplatively.  A lot of the ones who did were stoned, so it might have been vegetatively.

This was one of the more elaborate set ups.  You can see the offerings of food in the front.

And this one was very big too.  It had a gathering of people all the way around it.  It was a very peaceful crowd with little jostling and such.  The sight of all those candles lit was just amazing.  This festival is held on different dates in places like Cuba, Brazil and some of the Caribbean islands.  If you get a chance to go, do.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Nearly Topped

Well, I'm nearly done with the top part of the biscornu now.  I average two needlesful of floss on it per day, and will have it done soon. 

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Bargello Done

Yes, I posted that I had finished this in my One World One Heart post on the 25th of January, but it wasn't stitchy.  So this is the real finish post.  I worked it beyond the markings so I'd not have any blank areas once I mounted it.  Today is the big mounting day using a way I've never done before - a premade metal form.  Wish me luck!

Monday, February 01, 2010

An Antique Find

We were in Spanish class a week ago last Saturday when I found this in an antique market.  What?  Your language lessons don't include field trips?  For shame!  Our instructors believe in practicing the language you're learning, so we go on field trips.  This one was to Ciudad Vieja, the oldest part of Montevideo.  They have an antique market at Plaza Matriz every Saturday, and we were walking past after completing out asking people where things were, so we shopped before lunching.  My purchase was this purse, which I will be cleaning this week.  It's in excellent condition beading-wise, but the fabric's really dirty.  Hopefully it'll clean up neat.  You never know what you'll find there.

Leafing Out One Last Time

Still working on the last egg; this time, I got more of the acanthus leaves done and more of the black border.  I also was able to do more on the last line, getting part of it halfway done.  This last one is definitely going faster than the others.

More Momosapiens - Tango

More from the performance on Sunday the 24th at the Marine House.  They said this is a tango that represents a series of letters between two famous Uruguayan writers.  Me, I think it's just neat to watch.