Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Bit More Pink

This week has been filling in the outlines.  I've gotten a bit more pink into the petals, but it doesn't look like all that much progress.

Half a Heart

I got the second part of the heart done this week.  It's at the halfway point, so I should have a finish within the next two weeks.  I like the way this floss looks on the blue background.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Gaucho Festival Part 2 - So Authentic

Yup, laundry out right by the main circuit. 
And here is who was producing it!  Lots and lots of suds.  The festival went on for four days, so I suppose they had a lot to clean.
Children in traditional dress.  Obviously, they hated being there.
I asked for this picture of a saddle so you can see how different they are than the western and English saddles used here.  They put blankets atop it, and adjust in the middle for the horse.

Just riding down the main circuit.  Pedestrians made way for the horses.
For just this reason ... lots of horses passing through, some at a gallop, at the same time.  Miraculously, we saw no injuries while we were there.
Did I mention that they just parked the horses anywhere?

Down to the Corner

Kaleidoscope mandala's found its third corner now.  I'm working on the parts they sent me - it had six! squares to stitch.  I suppose that means I'm catching up, in a way.  Anyway, it feels good to have a third corner done.

Egg for Ingrid

My second temari egg is a gift for Ingrid, who's leaving Montevideo next month for colder climes.  It's a slightly different design from my first one, but the same colors.  She really liked them, and says this egg will be the foundation of a decorated egg collection.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Gaucho Festival Saturday, March 8, 2010 - Part 1

Yup, there's no one stabling area for the horses and no fencing, so the horses are around everywhere at the festival.  It was a warm late summer day and gorgeous out. 
Did I mention the camping area for the participants runs through the festival?  I expect there were a lot of tents accidentally trampled by horses.
Almost all the women and girls were in these flowing dresses straight out of the nineteenth century.  They looked lovely on the horses. 
A bit more of the camping area here.  It looks about as organized as the Grandfather Mountain camping area did.

Riding is a family affair, and here's a girl in a male outfit!  All the horses looked in excellent condition, by the way, and some were absolutely beautiful.
Gathering around the parilla, Uruguay's version of barbecue.  They put on anything from ribs to whole pigs.

Sitting in one of the temporary shelters for participants on the grounds, gathered around and just talking. 

Slogging On

I managed to finish my seventh block on the HRW this week.  Now it's back to the Kaleidoscope Mandala for a bit.