Thursday, February 24, 2011

One More Column Done

The area between the shutters in the middle is done, yay, which shows a big progress moment.  I also have started back at the top of the house with the peaches again.

C 1080 and the Least Clad

This set of pictures includes the comparsa C 1080 and a float with the least clad women on it in the whole parade.  One is wearing only thigh high boots and a thong.  Me?  I was unimpressed, except for admiring her chutzpah.  It's hard to tell in these photos that she's wearing so little, and they're in the bottom half of the post.

Every Little Bit

Just one more fifteen minute session this week, but I made progress!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Still on the First Row

I'm still on the first row of the big square, but it's about halfway across now.

Old, Young, and In Between

Dressing up and performing in Carnaval is like breathing to the Uruguayos.  They have samba schools that start teaching children at the age of three.  Old ladies and men still dress up in their outfits.  And they think of it as a family event.  When we left the parade after midnight, there were still preschoolers raptly watching.  The following pictures show some of the family and community aspect of the Inaugural parade.

Beautiful Food

We went to Ricci's last week, and as usual, they had great food well presented - and used real sauces!  This was the appetizer, their version of a tabla del campo.  Plenty of food on it, although you'd think that "frutas secas" would mean maybe a bit more than raisins.  On the other hand, they had actual walnuts and cashews.
This was Andreas' main course - salmon in a leek and parsley sauce with potatoes and beets.  Beets are popular here.  I'm not sure why.
And this was mine.  I had chicken in a sweet sauce that could have used more spice.  In the ramekin is a sweet potato and carrot brulee.  It could have used more spice too.  They were both good and almost overly spiced for the food here, since Uruguayos run away from the stuff.

Grapes and Vines

They're sprouting out of the rectangle now.