Sunday, July 03, 2011

Back to Gardening

Restarted the Purple Garden again.  Part three is going slowly.

More Punta in March

These photos are from around the harbor area; in one, you can see a cruise ship in the distance.  In August through October, there are occasional glimpses of whales.

One More Done

One more house done on the quest to get all the way down to the bottom of the right hand side.  Now it's only little houses and some grass!

The Other Side of the Point

The river side of Punta del Este still has a lot of nice beaches, but it's much more rocky.  All these shots were from the river side.  It's also the side the cruise ships anchor on and the side of the sailboats.

Friday, July 01, 2011

No Banner

This week, it was back to the skirt.  I did some filling in on the sides and on the ribbon, so hopefully it'll be complete soon.

Lace from Sussy

Isn't this lace pretty?  Sussy gave it to me week before last when she came over for a temari lesson.  It'll have to get packed away for now, since everything's getting packed up, but I'll be using it once I get to Moldova.  Thank you again, Sussy!

Telling It to the Hand

This is Punta del Este's big monument and manmade tourist attraction.  It's truly large, as you can see from the pictures, and it just stands in the middle of the beach.