Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Two Wreaths

I'm still plugging away at this.  I've been doing at least two lengths of thread daily on it for over a month now, and am barely halfway through this part of  the stitchalong.  This piece is BIG.

Tour of Milestii Mici

 How do you tour the world's largest wine cellar?  In a minivan, of course!  We went on this tour on Saturday, at Milestii Mici (pronounced Mileshtee Meech).  The tour didn't take us through the whole thing, but it was a lot of underground to cover.  Here, some wine barrels (about seven feet high) and an underground waterfall that they've spiffied up into something nice looking.

Fabric From Scraps

I made fabric from Solvy and scraps last week.  It was sooo easy to do!  I learned  to either use transparent thread or match the thread to the scraps.  I also thought it was neat that the two sides of the fabric are completely different from each other.

Monday, April 02, 2012

It's Dragon Time

Moving along on the Asian round robin, I have Sarma's block.  She asked for a dragon, so I made one.  It took a lot of time to do all those chain stitch lines!  I am not quite pleased with the  wings, but I think the rest came out pretty well.

So Tired Of Brown

I have promised myself that next week I will do all the extra counting and start some real color with the peacock's head!

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Starting The Fill

You can't really see it, but I've done a bit more on the right - it was all light blue gray. I also did a bit more gray and green.  Little bits of building are looking more full.

A Huge Thank You

For the past few weeks, I've been remiss in responding to emails.  It's finally spring, and I've been going out more.  That's not a real excuse, though!  I should have written Betsy a thank you note nearly two weeks ago when I received all this lovely stitchy stuff!  I didn't, though, and for that, I apologize.  THANK YOU BETSY!  I love all this stuff and already have plans for some of it.  Andreas was even going through it and saying I could use this trim for that purpose and that lace for something else.  He never does that.

It's all beautiful, and thank you again for remembering me on your trip to Philadelphia!