Wednesday, October 03, 2012

New Class Start

We've moved on to more difficult things in my temari class.  We're beginning the C8 marking.  The pattern we picked is one from a temari given me in an exchange.  Mine, from the colors I picked, reminds me of a tobacconist's shop.

Fencing In

Since this is now in my rotation, I'm working on it, albeit as slowly as everything else.  The floss is Madeira, as is the blending filament.  I'm not really pleased with using blending filament.  I'd rather just use metallic braid.  But there it is - it's a kit, so blending filament is in the cards.

Odessa Town Hall

Naturally, since Odessa is a port, there are a lot of ship symbols around.  Here's Odessa's town hall.  It was originally the port house and has had other functions.  The building's in remarkable shape, and Demeter and Mercury stand guard.  The flag is Odessa's town flag.  I saw it much, much more often than the Ukrainian flag.

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Topped Off

One more milestone completed on this- the top is completely backgrounded!  Now to finish...

Sister Cities

Evidently, Odessa has a -lot- of sister cities.  This signpost shows names, directions, and distances to the first thirty or so.  The farthest from Odessa that I saw was Valparaiso, Chile.

Monday, October 01, 2012

A Needed New Start

This is the beginning of Laura Perin's blue Fleur-de-lis.  I wasn't able to start it in time for the class, but I have now, and I'm happy to have something both new and canvaswork in my rotation.

Anchors Aweigh...

 We were in Odessa during the week between a lot of weekend celebrations (before and after) for Odessa's anniversary of founding.  This anchor symbol is Odessa's city symbol, and can be seen all over.  Here, it's hanging over the side of the being-renovated maritime museum.