Monday, December 31, 2012

End Of Year Report

I managed to do a lot and not do a lot simultaneously this year.  My crazy January shows that the most.  I finished two more of the 2011 ones and completed only 12 of my starts for this year.  On the other hand, my project book says there are 75 completed projects logged since the first of January.  It doesn't feel like that many!

So Very Close

Yay, I'm almost done!  This will make another finish on the crazy January list and a very blingy egg!

About Time!

After blogging for several years, Google finally paid me something for it!

Munich Medieval Market

 This market, although small, had a lot of unique items - most of them reminiscent of the past.  Andreas found an archery booth; there were a few medieval costumers.  I found a stamp from a stamp booth.  There were a few bookbinders, too.  Overall, I think this market needs to be expanded!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

One And A Bit

I've got the first of the two halves done.  Now it's off to the second!  I hope to have this done really soon.


I found these cute little laser cut comets at an ornament stand in Munich.  I'm thinking I can use them in crazy quilting.

Clock Love Strikes Again

 I love clocks, and so.... here are three pictures of the same clock on the New Town Hall.