Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Just An Experiment

I've not been finishing temari lately, with the exception of this one.  It was just a small experiment and easy to do.  I learned some things from it, and it's not spectacular, but looks nice in a rustic sort of way.

Two Again

Here is the Kogin sampler on lugana.  I think I like the look better than on the canvas, even though the colors on canvas are more "my" colors.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Second Band

The second band's about done.  This piece is the same darning stitch over and over and over again.  At least it's pretty and in colors I like.

Scalloping Away

Kind of boring repetitions, but I'm trudging through them.

Office Fish!

Andreas decided we needed fish in our offices because he bought these neat gravity cleaning betta tanks on Kickstarter.  We found a place to buy bettas here and chose our fish.  The more blue one is mine and now installed in my office.  His name is B Blue, and everyone in the office likes him.  The other is as yet unnamed and still at the house.  Andreas needs to clean off his desk to make room for him.... anyway, pretty and social fish.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

I Miss Bluebonnets

I think I worked on this as an extra project last week because I miss bluebonnets.  It got quite a bit farther along!

Dried Tomatoes

Eco Valley has provided us with a -lot- of heirloom cherry tomatoes this year.  I've been drying the surplus so they keep longer.  A little olive oil, a little basil, and a little oregano make them wondrous.