Monday, August 25, 2014

My Medieval Festival

These photos are from my camera at the medieval festival.  It's only a point and shoot, but it allows me to show different perspectives than Andreas' photos.  I started off with the Moldova coin map.  I just think it's so cool.  The rest of this post is area shots of the museum.  It was open air, as you can see, and closed on three sides.

More Graves

 While Romania won the battle of Marasesti, in 1918 it had to surrender to Austria.  There just weren't enough people in Romania to hold on after Russia collapsed.  That is why this place was not built until 1920.  The Romanians were proud of their soldiers; even the unknown ones were memorialized.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

New Needlepoint

I found a stitch shop just off the main square in Brasov!  This is what I bought there.  The whole kit was approximately $15, and I really like the design.  I hope to start working on it soon.  If not before the Christmas blitz, then with the January start season is when I will do it.

Weaving Across

I have almost gotten to the other side of the piece!  It's still going well and I still like how the colors are coming.

Marasest Mausoleum

We rarely hear about the battles of World War I in the east.  We know all about the Somme and the Marne; we don't know about what happened at Marasesti.  Marasesti is in central Romania.  It's in a large valley with mountains to the west and north.  In 1916 and 1917, it was a major battle area.  This mausoleum was built in 1920 to bury and honor the dead.  It's a beautiful place and right on the highway to Bucharest.  If you drive past, do stop.  We were not looking for it, but turned around and stopped anyway once we saw it.

There are dozens of plaques with lists of the Romanian and Russian dead.  There's a cenotaph for the Russian general who died defending Marasesti.  And there's a beautiful chapel.  The mausoleum is two stories tall and is very Edwardian in nature.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Custom For Me

I ordered this necklace nearly a year ago  to wear with my tardis dress.  It got done about a month ago.  Now I need a new reason to wear the tardis dress.... The necklace is completely hand tatted and includes Swarovski crystals.

Getting So Close

I am getting so very close to being able to turn the pages on this!  I want to so very much; I feel that will make me sense I am progressing.