Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Cracking An Egg

Because of my geographical location I couldn't resist joining ANG's Ukrainian Egg workshop.  There are seven eggs, and this is the beginning of the first.

Little Squares

I've started back in on this, and I know it will go fairly quickly now.  I've been working on the squares around the central square and like the color combination.

Little Surprises

Sometimes showing interest and knowing a little of the language makes a big difference.  We found this out repeatedly in Brasov.  The elderly gentleman in the photo is one of a group of three who made this sculpture.  It was made s part of a celebration of the overthrow of Ceaucescu.  The sculptors circled Romania's borders thrice with it before bringing it to its current resting place.  He also told us about some of the changes to Brasov over the years.  The Brasov sign on the mountain, for instance, said "Stalin" in the 1960's.  All of this was in Romanian and it was very interesting talking with him. 

Monday, September 01, 2014

Nine Tenths

I am nine tenths of the way done with the border bars!  That means I am so much closer to being done.

Beautiful Boxes

We took these two painted copper plates to MolDeco and they turned them into these beautiful boxes.

Out And About Brasov

 Some photos from the municipal center of Brasov; you always know the town you're in because it's right there on the mountain.

The Legacy Begins

 We have had Risk Legacy for a while and were waiting to gather a group of people to play.  Got that now and played our first two games.  The board's changed a lot already!  The game goes much more quickly than old Risk and it's quite fun to play.