Friday, December 26, 2014

More Working Mannequins

More dioramas for the tourist route.  Its got a lot of this kind of thing.  I do think it funny that they even include the 18th century dressed up supervisors.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Shaping Up

The butterflies seem to be taking shape now and I've got this about a quarter of the way done.  Not going to get it done soon, but maybe before we move.

All Xed Out

Well, another ornament stitched and ready to make.  Now to get the time to make them into ornaments.

Moo Moo Sandwiches

 We weren't too hungry on our last night in Krakow, but we did want to go out to eat.  Moo Moo was recommended to us by friends, so we went.  The drinks were good, and strong.  My Long Island Tea could have had a bit less citrus.  Out food was good, even though I had to ask for the sandwich I had ordered instead of the one brought to me first.  They were very polite about it.  My tomato soup was excellent.

Down The Mine With Gnomes

This is one of the nice sets of stairs we took downward between levels in the mine.  I've seen very elderly people with walkers do this tour.  I don't know how they do the stairs ....
There are gnomes working around the edges of the stairs.  Maybe the gnomes catch them when they fall.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

One Door Down

One portal is done on the side now, and I'm beginning to climb up the edge of the grass again.

Serenity Temari

I made this temari for a friend who retired from the foreign service over the summer.  It's inspired by the flag from Firefly, one of his favorite shows.