Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Sick Of Red

I am so sick of going back and forth with the red!  At least I only have about twelve more rows of it.

Faire Food

The Christmas fairs had a variety of food - more so than other towns we've been to.  I stuck to a traditional sausage while Andreas tried goulash in a bread bowl.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Pizza Place On Eroilor

Pizza 4 Amici is in the basement of a building on Blvd. Eroilor, and they make good mulled wine!  Their food is also very good.  I had the wine to warm me up.  Andreas had a banana milkshake.  No comment on the reason.  We, as usual, ordered too much food.  My chicken soup - was not zeama.  I am so going to miss zeama when we move to Luanda in the autumn.  Andreas had a cold plate and pasta and I had veggie pizza. All were very good and very filling.  The service was nice too!  The waitress checked on us every so often and told us that things would take a bit.

Crazy January Start #15: Counted Square

When this is done, it'll be perfect for a scissors fob.  I found it on Pinterest and decided I needed a few easy projects this year.  It's already about a third of the way done.

Sky And Stucco

Worked on the sky and stucco this time.  I am so very close to being finished with the big house.

New Cow Fur

We found this purse at the Christmas market in Budapest.  It's in my collection now.  I have made a cow fur convert of Andreas.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Beautiful Pottery

We saw these shallow bowls hanging on the wall in MolDeco when we were getting some framing done.  I fell in love with some of them, especially the one above on the right.  They're all hand made and painted by an artist in Transylvania.  Andreas decided to buy them all for me.  The whole set was under a hundred dollars. I consider it a steal.