Friday, October 09, 2015

Looking Native

I made a big diamond stitch over what I've already done.  It's looking pretty colorful!

On To Mongolian

We had to go to the mall to get my glasses, and Andreas' favorite place to eat there is Genghis Grill.  We at there for lunch, and mine was good, but Andreas made his too sweet.  I also discovered that putting it in tortillas works really well!

An Apology

I meant to post the past few days, but my puter died Sunday night.  New puter, back to posting!

Sunday, October 04, 2015

Nearly Nine

The ninth of eleven medallions across is peeking out the side.  

Great Big Breakfast

We love Ol' South's breakfasts.  They're always fresh and huge.  Andreas got a skillet, I got a dutch baby and some bacon, and Mom got eggs and bacon too.  Made us feel like we were home.

Thursday, October 01, 2015

Stitching The Way Along

Well, the stitching is certainly progressing since I've started doing it daily.  I have most of one flower plus two more leaves to go.  It should be done some time next week.

Pappasito's Disappointment

We made a visit to Pappasito's on our first weekend in Fort Worth.  It was disappointing.  Most of the menu was fish.  It also had the problem of the food just not being great and the atmosphere way too noisy.  We did not go back.  The cheese dip was good, at least.