Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Sunflower Card Done

Yay, another finish!  This one is finish finished.  I think it came out pretty well.  Now to write a note and send it to my mom.


I finished my latest beaded ornament.  It looks pretty good!

Lots Of Progress

For over a week, this was my daily stitch.  I got a lot done on the left side.  It's beginning to look more complete.

Trivia Night At Bella Luanda

We hosted a trivia night last month at Bella Luanda, a new pizza place close to the embassy.  The margarita and the food were marginal - we probably won't be going back.  The trivia contest was fun, though!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Past Half

Yay, I'm past the halfway point on the third band.  It has now become my daily piece until mid-May, so hopefully I'll get much more done.

It's May

This photo was taken on the first, and so there's not that much May progress.  I do like that these pieces are a lot smaller than last year's though!

Restaurant Venezia - Steak On A Stone

Steak on a stone is evidently a popular dish in Angola, but not a native dish.  It's served at a few restaurants around town.  One restaurant that has made its name on the dish is Venezia.  Restaurant Venezia, on the inside, looks like an over-neoned melamine diner from the 1960's.  The steak is good, cooked on the stone, though.  Not so good reheated the next day.  Each person gets a stone.  Fries with an egg on them come as a side, and there are three sauces plus salt and pepper for your steak.  It's the garlic sauce that makes it good. We skipped the couvert here.  Overall, a good place to talk with friends if you go before the crowd makes the place too noisy.