Monday, October 03, 2016

Most Of The Stripes

There are only two and a bit more rounds to go, but one of them is rather dense.  Maybe I'll get this done soon.

Slowly I Progress

I've been slacking on stitching during my Florida trip, but I got some done on this.  I'll be working on it on the plane home tomorrow.  Won't, after all, get home until Wednesday morning. 

Sunday, October 02, 2016

To Replace My Broken Porcelain...

I got these.  They are pretty and different.  The brown was a free button.

Auction Ornament Two

This is the second ornament for the auction.  Both of these were from my crazy January starts, and now they're completely finished!

Saturday, October 01, 2016

My New Remembrance Day Earrings

Another pair of earrings that was damaged was my Remembrance/Veterans Day pair.  We found these on Etsy and they came all the way from Romania.  Not only that, I got a martisor in the bargain!

One For Auction

CyberStitchers is making an ornament tree for the EGA auction in November.  This is one of two I sent off last week for it.

Blue Flowers

These are another pair of replacement earrings. They replace my French blown glass ones, as one of those broke in shipping.  These came from Hungary!  While they don't replace my French ones, they're still really pretty.