Friday, November 04, 2016

Birthday Gifts

I received birthday gifts in the same box as the anniversary gifts, as the dates are fairly close together.  So far, I've worn the necklace and will wear the earrings soon.  Need to find a use for the thread and fabric.  Thank you Betsy and Michael!

Thursday, November 03, 2016

Rainbow Sherbet Colors

I've got my Garden Gate in rotation now, and it's all done in sherbet colors.  I think it'll look pretty good when done.

New Barrettes

 I decided I needed a couple of new barrettes a few weeks ago.  I sent several etsy links to Andreas, and, instead of choosing a couple, he bought all of them.  Now I have these beautiful barrettes to wear.  And, possibly, more coming.

Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Circling The Square

My circular central motif is just about done!  This one has been going quickly because I've been stitching on it daily.

Anniversary Gifts

In the middle of last month, Andreas and I celebrated our anniversary.  His parents were kind enough to send us these gifts.  I am not at all sure what the carved wooden thing is, but the pillowcases are on the bed.  Even if the Rangers did blow it completely in the post season.

One Leaf Done

Yay, one leaf's done!  Now to the others.

Going Away Present

This afghan was made for friends who moved away a couple of weeks ago.  They'll be in Virginia for language training for several months and then going to Europe, where we may see them again.  While an afghan isn't particularly good for Angola, it'll certainly help out in Latvia.  The yarn is part of my stash from Uruguay.  I finally put it to use!