Monday, January 02, 2017

So Much Confetti

The two things you can count on with Teresa Wentzler are confetti stitches and blended thread.  I am stuck in an area with a lot of both at the moment.

Baobabs, Beaches, And Buses

Even Angola has baobab trees.  It also has some beaches that are unsuitable for relaxing on, and, as you get closer to the city, a lot of buses.  As we get closer to the city, you can just make it out across the bay.

Rock Candy

Yum! Irn Bru candy sticks! For some reason, Andreas doesn't like Irn Bru....

Sunday, January 01, 2017

Wining Around

Every time I look at these photos, I get more impressed by the designer.  I'm also nearly halfway done with this!

Almost Even

Both sides are almost even now, and I feel like I am making progress again.  This one's taking so long, and has so much brown!  I want to work on the peacock tail.

Trying To Improve

Someone decided to try to improve this area - planted trees, a fence, some paving... and then across the road from it, a shanty market.  It makes you wonder.  Less than a mile after that, beautiful views of the ocean with "improvements" in front.

Advent Surprises

I really like the advent packages Once Upon a Fois sends out, but I don't like that she mails them out so late.  Because this was mailed from France the last week of November, I received it after I got back from Britain.  It meant I got to open the majority at the same time, but I'm one of those who prefer to open these one at a time.