Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Almost Three Corners

I know I said I'd be making a big push on this, and I am.  It's just a bit slower than I'd want.

One Wall Erected

Outside of a bit of greenery at the top, this first wall's cross stitches are done.  I also am getting more and more flowers from the previous part done.  Soon, on to the fencing!

Odd Lot From Orna

Orna Willis was selling odd lots of thread.  This is the one I picked up.  It's easily worth twice what I paid for it.

Lumberjacking With Cheerleaders

Each side has its own cheerleader girl, who also takes part in lumberjack competitions.  They're very enthusiastic and make the crowd root for their teams too. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

So Very Close

Three full ones done and two more partials.  I am going to finish this soon!

Add Some GOld

What is an ornament without a bit of bling?

Temari Thread

This poor thread got lost in the mail for a couple of months.  For some reason, the dispatch agency sent it to Turkey.  Adana, Luanda, what's the difference, right?  Time to try some of it out.