Thursday, March 02, 2017

Spanish Riding School

Until they announced it, I didn't realize I couldn't take photos in the Spanish Riding School in Vienna.  I was there for morning exercise.  This was the only photo I took.  It was interesting watching the horses learn and practice, and the riders, too.  I passed a memorable, if cold, hour and a half watching them in January.

Working On The Wings

I'm not even halfway through with this, but it's already pretty big.  The green of the wing is coming along well, I believe, now that I have the counting error out.

A Real English Tea

 After our tour of Warwick Castle, we had a real English tea.  The weather was perfect for it - chill and damp.  The china was in mode, too.  I had mushroom soup to start, and we shared a plate meant for two but which could feed four.  Everything was excellent and we left stuffed.

Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Bits More Green

Added this back into my rotation and it's now got a couple more leaves.


Andreas made the mistake of booking us into an apartment with a yarn shop on the same block, then didn't take photos soon enough for me to start while still in Vienna.  Result?  These balls are going in my stash and the afghan I'm making is using Caron Cakes.

One Left To Go

Yep, so close to being finished yet still undone... the story of my life these days.

Barbecue In Leamington Spa

 We found fried pickles in England!  Granted, they're no where near as good as most in Texas, but they had them.  Andreas and I ducked into a little pub off the main drag in Leamington Spa as we were shopping and had lunch.  The food was okay, but not great.  The hand crafted root beer didn't taste nearly as good as IBC.  But it was something different that we haven't had in a long time, and we get to look forward to good barbecue again in a few months.