Monday, April 03, 2017

No Shroom Yet

This piece I worked on while on the plane.  I still don't have any mushrooms done, but I have added a few strands.  The flights weren't really conducive to stitching.

Around And The Quarter

The outside's done and now to the inside.  One quarter done!  Sorry about the bad photo.  I blame my hotel room.

Big Bird Flies

The most common thing we saw on the river was birds, so there are a lot of bird photos....

Sunday, April 02, 2017

Across And Now Down

Time to get this top border done so I can both stop dealing with the shiny stuff so much and get down to the real design.

Getting To The Window

I'm about a third done now on the second side.  Not as fast when I don't work on it every day, but not bad progress.


Random Kreinik threads from a Fireside Stitchery e-sale.

Monkey On The Branches

I don't know if he was picking fruit off the palms or getting a drink or just wanting to be alone, but this monkey was on the side of the water waiting for us.