Friday, June 02, 2017


Finally got my loom all set up and warped, which was a pretty bad job this first time.  I'll get better.  Now to weave some dishcloths just in time to leave.

On The Second Square

The second square is well begun, yay!  The border area is very finicky and takes a long time.  Because I am using such a high count fabric, I'm going to ignore the little crosses inside the diamonds.

Yay, A Bit Of Color

I've made enough headway to get some wine in my glass.  I'm happy it's going quickly-ish.  I've been working on it daily.

Thursday, June 01, 2017

Trims Indian Style

I found a sari trim shop in Bandra, close to where I was staying in Mumbai.  These trims are what I narrowed down to buy.  The shop was packed with all kinds of trims.  It was great.  I could have bought a lot more, but was frugal.

Printed Pieces!

Yay, I now have some Trish Burr I don't have to trace out!  She's making these available in her shop, and, for me, they're so much easier.

Light Pansy Color

This is the beginning of a bouquet of pansies.  Unfortunately, they're way too light to make out yet.

Four Points

This is the first Kathy Rees kit where I have pulled out my own thread for the first part.  The directions called for using the blue parts only of an overdyed cotton, but the blue parts were tiny.  So I substituted my own blue.  I hope the rest of it doesn't keep on the same way.