Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Muted Colors

I like the colors I am using on this a lot.  Plus, I've got the whole top part done, so I'm happy.

Peacock And Branch

I got some relief from brown this time by working on part of the peacock's tail.  There's a bit more light purple now.  I'm less than twenty rows from the halfway point.

Monday, January 01, 2018

Vienna Star

This star is hanging on my Christmas light tree.  We bought it at the Schonnbrun Christmas market in Vienna.  The man who sells these spends all year making beaded ornaments.  He lives in a camper van and travels around Europe.  The only place he sells them is the Christmas market.  He says he makes about 3-4 thousand euro per day during the market.  Kind of a neat way to live.

Bought In Houston

I need to find time to make this kit which I bought in Houston.  This series of long weekends is helping; unpacking my stash and realizing how big it is is not.

Door Knocker

I saw this painting in one of the squares of Sarajevo.  I liked it, so I bought it for all of 15 euros.

Mellow Yellow

Lots of yellow done on this pear.  I didn't realize it was so yellow when I started.

Down To The Borders

I have two more bottom borders to do, and then I'm done with the first of three panels.  Yay!