Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Winter Ball

I now have cold weather Rangers gear.  Yay!

Back To Backgrounding

I have more background to do; after this, there are the borders to add.

One Wave Done

The Linen and Threads sample is huge.  I am not quite halfway done with this band, and the month is over halfway through.  I am hoping that not all of the bands are as big.

Views Outside

More of the old city, the Catholic side this time, and outdoors.  You can see the fortress on the hill.  The paint spatter on the pavement marks where a mortar hit.  There are many of these in Sarajevo; all like this resulted in deaths.  It was also an easy target, as all of Sarajevo is in a valley.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Tubular Necklace

Going through another forthemakers box, I made this necklace.  Not particularly pleased with it, but it's done, which means one more box out of the house.

Chapter Meeting Stitchalong

I have started Caron Collection's freebie Winter Snowflakes.  It's a stitchalong for our chapter meeting.  Yes, I know my colors aren't particularly wintry.  It's what happens when you stitch from stash.

All Jeweled Up

I finished something!  Lately, it's been taking me longer between finishes, and I've been getting anxious.  This is now made into a fridgie magnet and will be sent to my mother in the next couple of days.