Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Winter Snowflakes Done

I'm done with the chapter stitchalong.  Now to make it into a small ornament.

Stitchy Box Came

Some of my favorite colors in this box.

Baby Buttons

I have little buttons and the inside of the large flower.  It's now in my rotation, so it's time to get things done.

Bombed Out Police Station

This is the site the city view photos were taken from.  As you can see, it is totally rundown and in need of the mercy of the wrecking ball.  One piece of graffiti I found interesting was the bit of conflict from Moldova - "Moldova is Romania."  Very odd to see that in the Balkans!  You'd think the Balkans would have enough of their own problems.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Sarajevo From The Hills

This is the view from one of the mortar sites above Sarajevo.  As you can see, it's perfect for hitting any part of the city. The site itself is a former police station.  At one point it was bombed, and the remains are pretty pathetic.

Stitchalong Supplies

I got this from Lakeside Linens in aid of two stitchalongs.  Unfortunately, I've been too busy with the Linen and Threads sampler to start either.

Still Too Brown

I got more brown done on the left.  Brown is too much in this piece!  But I did get a little bit of purple done, too.