Friday, November 02, 2018

Print Buys

Got these art prints in Prague while we were there. Yes, they're the same subject. We like the way they look together.

Almost Stitched

Very few cross stitches remain, and the back stitching is started.  Lots of beading left to do.

Along The Road

I had to drop the car off at the garage in late July and walked home from there.  It's about a kilometer walk and it was a lovely morning. While walking, I came across the pretty morning glories and cornflowers, which even made the walk better.

Thursday, November 01, 2018

Making A Roof

I have a gable just about done. Time to add the roof.

Pine Needles

Yay for pine needles! One corner just about done.

More Grab Bag Fabric

I'll need to figure out something to do with these lines from Polstitches.

Second Smoking

Found some giant ribs at the butcher. They came out pretty well.  The chicken wings were awesome.  Another smoking success.