Friday, January 04, 2019

Disappointment At Restaurant Gizzi

Back in November we went to Restaurant Gizzi here in Pristina. It was represented to us as an upscale restaurant with a great cuisine. The service was not great; the prices were high; and the food made us all sick. My carpaccio is the photo right below this. It was still frozen, and had been badly cut frozen, too. The soups were good. The chicken was greasy. The cheese was pretty good, as were the mushrooms. We had hoped to find somewhere new. We were disappointed.

Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Stitchy Box Advent

I received my Stitchy Box advent calendar on time, but decided to take photos of the opened stuff only after opening everything. I only opened everything once I got back from the Netherlands, and there isn't a photo yet. In the meantime, here's what it looked like before opening anything!

One Quarter Almost Done

One quarter of Box Elders is just about complete. The density of stitches is pretty high, but it looks pretty good when stitched. I still love my choice of background fabric.

Mattie Poses

Mattie loves the Indian rugs we got in 2017. She prefers laying on them to anything else. I believe it's because she thinks she looks even more beautiful on them. She even makes cute poses when the phone comes out for photos. Just another indication of how smart she is.

Mattie doesn't ruin the rugs, either. They may get a bunch of dog hair on them, but that vacuums up easily. She doesn't pick at the rugs or chew them or pee on them. She just uses them as thrones.

Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Over To The Left

The cross stitches for the top garden are done. Time to work on the left side for a bit.

Massdrop Pick Up

Massdrop had some very nice and inexpensive pearl cotton, and, since I am going to be building temari again, I bought some.

My Lunch At Trofta

While Trofta is famous for fish, I don't eat it. So i had a very nice soup and salad instead. The bits in the tomato soup are croutons and tomato chunks. It was very good.