Thursday, January 31, 2019

Closing In On Two

I have more of the left garden done. The top part's done and the bottom's more than halfway. Next time I work on this I'll be starting the right side, too.

One Flower

Two motifs done now that I have a flower finished. Going. Slowly, but going.

Lady Justice

This is to go with Lady of the Flag and Queen of Freedom. Now to get it started.

Dinner At Le Bouchon

These photos are from last spring, before we went to Frankfurt. We had wine and dinner at Le Bouchon, a cute restaurant in Pristina. We all sat outside, as it was a beautiful evening. Andreas had duck, which he said was very good. I had dessert for dinner. They had a flight of desserts, and I'm allowed to do this every once in a while. They all were very, very good.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Third House Started

The yellow house is nearly halfway through and I've started on the next.

One Sided

All the ribbon on one side is done. Off to start the bells.


Indian Summer is all ready to hang on the "tree" next Christmas. Andreas has already told me we're staying home this year.