Saturday, March 02, 2019


Yay, the center motif is done! Things are definitely getting done.

Diamond Ornament

I now have a completed ornament. This one is a keeper. I'm trying to finish something every week.

Sunday Pub Dnner

We had lunch at a pub in Greenwich. Since it was Sunday, there were roast choices. Both were very good and I got my good cider, too.

Friday, March 01, 2019

Working On The Fourth

The fourth square is getting some more work. I still have the triangles at the bottom to do, too.

Cozyblue February

I think this will be one of the starts for my Stitch Maynia.

Sylvester Encaged

Sylvester the peacock is ready to have the pieces of his cage filled in now.

The Cutty Sark

We took the train out to Greenwich on a Sunday and it was a glorious day out. One of the things we did was tour the Cutty Sark. It was pretty interesting!