Thursday, April 04, 2019

Two And A Quarter

About half of one side of the bottom garden is done. This is going a bit slowly because the spinner hasn't been kind. I also didn't bring it with me here to Naples. Thought it'd be hard to stitch here with needing  the puter, too.

Glossy Box March

Hair stuff in this one. That's good! I'm thinking of suspending my subscription for a bit because I have so much stuff to use up.

Our Haul

These are the wines we bought at Stobi. All of them for about fifty euros.

Tuesday, April 02, 2019

Teaching Finish

I taught this temari at Mundesia. They mainly did pretty well at it.

Fiberlicious March

I like these colors. I'll have to find something to do with them.

One Stairstep Down

Sneek is sneaking down a staircase at the moment. A little progress, at least.

Stobi Tasting And Lunch

The food at Stobi was pretty good and local Macedonian. We had a large number of courses and six or seven wines. A few of the wines made it home with us.