Thursday, November 21, 2019

Flaking The Tree

My snowflakes are still there. The photos don't show the contrast well; they look much better in person. I've got most of the crown done now.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

And The Fifth

The fifth house is beginning to take shape, with a tree and door. Slowly I make progress.

Post- Medieval Feast

After the medieval festival in Gracanica, what better place to eat than Etno Kuca? So we did, with Courtney and the kids. Wonderful as usual.

Villa Masline Food

Hotel rooms that were actually suites were 25 euros per night. There was a lovely pool area with sparkling water and trees all around. The only reason it was so cheap was location - it was up a steep hill from the beach. We had dinner there on our last night. The mushroom soup was fantastic. So was everything else. All home made to order (earlier that day). Definitely worth it.

Purse Project

This was what I was working on on the planes on the trips we've taken in the past month. It's coming along, and it's all random - random fabric, random thread, random pattern. I like it.

Monday, November 18, 2019

November Started

November is a lot of border, but it's started.

Pre Opening At Commandante Marcos

There's a real Mexican restaurant in Pristina now. We went to their preview in July, and it was spectacular. So we try to visit this place at least monthly. It's good to get Mexican food I don't have to cook myself. It tastes as good as it looks.