Thursday, December 05, 2019

Coloring In The Unicorn

The unicorn on the left is getting filled in.  This is on hold for a bit until UAB arrives in Kosovo. I needed a break on the big projects and added a bunch of smalls into the rotation.

Quilting Stash

Some fabric, some patterns, and a couple of kits. Now to find time.

Meal At Menza

Menza opened in May in an old Yugoslav company cafeteria. They've blended old and new in the interior and left the exterior as it was. Food was very good, and they had a live band, too.

Sunday, December 01, 2019

An Octagon Finish

I finished this little ornament from Kick Back and Stitch and am about to start it again in a different color scheme. Came out pretty good.

A Bit Of Blue

Blue done in the middle of the upper petals. Time to start working on the lower ones. Oh, and all the little white petals are done too.

Before And After

We went back to the French Knot. Andreas got more grab bags for me - fifteen or so more. The first photo is of them before opening. The second is after. As you can see, definitely worth more than $5 per bag!

Liburnia Big Meal

A great meal at Liburnia this summer - they even made a leg of lamb for us!