Thursday, January 02, 2020

Return To Railhead

One of the best things about going home is being able to eat the foods you're fond of without having to cook them yourself! Railhead dinner, top was Andreas, bottom me. I miss cole slaw when i'm gone. Not even KFC makes it here.

Back And Forth

Back and forth across the top. It rarely looks like progress because it's so wide.

Cozyblue November

Time to catch up on these. I have a bunch to do.

Wednesday, January 01, 2020

On To The Next Part

On to the next part. Two sets of nine patch in the making.

Little Snowflake

I made this in two days. Andreas wants to keep it, so keep it we will. I think it came out rather pretty.

First Breakfast In Texas

Once we recovered some from our flight and drive from Kosovo, we went to Ol' South for breakfast on Halloween. We were transported to being at home right then. I had a dutch baby and bacon. Andreas had sausage and gravy and hash browns and eggs.

Last Of The Mosaics

The detail of these mosaics is astounding. It doesn't show much in the photos but the tableaux themselves are stupendous.