Monday, January 20, 2020

Down To Cooper's

I love Cooper's prime rib. Unfortunately, they only sell it on certain days. We went one of those days before we left Fort Worth. The prime rib was great. The beef rib, not so much to my taste. But we both enjoyed our meals!

Food Gift

One of our neighbors owns a local supermarket chain. The family gave each house in the neighborhood a gift. Nice of them!

Snowflake Started

Snowflake's visible, barely, on the right. Face is done and the body is well begun, too.

Starting To Spin

I'm almost halfway done with this.  Bit of a fits and starts thing, but getting there.

Burger At Sen5s

Andreas claims these burgers taste pretty good despite being Balkanized.

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Last On Right

The last snowflake on the right is done, and I am getting closer to a finish on this. Lots of tree trunk to go, though.

Reddit Christmas Exchange

Once again I participated in the Reddit Christmas exchange. The sender was so thoughtful and considerate, and I will use everything!