Monday, February 03, 2020

Big Balloon

Big yellow balloon in the side of the house and another blue one forming.

Almost To Baseball

This is coming along pretty well. It's been the daily project for a bit, and it's almost done.

Still The Church

These bits are still of the same church, and some are weirder than others. The very modern stained glass window. The partial mosaic. The bishop losing his book as he rests dead.  The door and its opening mechanism.

Sunday, February 02, 2020

Filling The Diamond

The diamond is coming along and it's beginning to look like a formal garden.

Church Courtyard

This is the back side of the church. You reach it through a door in the side of the nave. ind of sad.

Linen And Threads Done

It's done. I never want to see it again, as I'm so sick of the butterflies. I need to remember than I don't like stitching samplers! This year's design has accompanying small ornaments. I think I will make only the ornaments instead.

New Year's Box

Well, this arrived after New Year's Day. So I've not started it yet. But it's in line to get opened.