Tuesday, August 04, 2020

More Letters

I've got a new bit started - the second line of the poem. Plus blue on the flag banner.

More And More Work

Worked up a bit on the actual flag again. I'm almost to the top.

Oplontis Overview

Like most archaeological sites in Italy, this one is in the middle of a neighborhood. This photo is taken from ground level in the surround. You can see how much lava covered it.

Pretty Flowers

Garden bits around Mehmet's former tomb.

Monday, August 03, 2020

Sultan Mehmet Museum

Mehmet the sultan died at the Field of Blackbirds in the 14th century. That's how long feuds last in the Balkans. His army won the battle. It's probably the most significant battle in Serbian history. And it took place just outside what is now Pristina. This museum is next door to the mosque that was once Mehmet's tomb.

Not Another Crest

More added on the left, some of it crest, some just outline and filling in.


Yay, another finish! This one is all ready to be finished into something. Another project done.