Friday, October 02, 2020

The Purple Set

Andreas not only thought I needed blue pens, but that I needed blue ones, too. And accessories.


One Done For Christmas

More like an autumn ornament than a Christmas ornament, but it's done and ready to make into something.


Half A Bee

Not named Eric, but there's half a bee here. The rest will be done soon.


A Chad Walks Into A Bar

Back in April and May, the only way you could get restaurant food was delivery or pick up. To support our favorite bar, we'd order food. And one day I brought Chad in with me to pick it up. Here he is exploring The Beergarden.


Thursday, October 01, 2020

Looking Like A Neck

This is beginning to look like a bottle of wine!


Embassy Masks

The embassy had a lot of rep funds left for end of year, for some reason. Guess what we've been passing out?


Majestic Grayson

Sometimes Grayson looks like a majestic pup. Sometime he looks like a cartoon.