Monday, November 23, 2020

Gapped Second

Gapped second dragon, with all the seaweed wrapped around. This is stitching up fairly quickly.


Cozyblue October

October's looks pretty. I hope to start it soon.


Vushtrri's Old Bridge

This bridge was built in the eleventh century. The river it crossed has since been diverted about half a kilometer away. One Saturday this summer, the pod went to look at the bridge. We were going to look at Vushtrri's castle, too, but it was closed.
Also, the first cattails I've ever seen in Europe!


Sunday, November 22, 2020

Tenth Caged

Only two more squares to go! The tenth one is surrounded now. Please be nice, spinner.



The roses are in place now, and the top of the flag is striving for the pole.

Cotton And Twine September

I will get around to the toucan soon. For now, I'm working on finishes.


Smoked Poultry

Some smoked poultry from last year. Maybe we'll do more smoking once we move. Or when Leonora moves out. It's not as fun when you have someone you know won't eat it.