Tuesday, January 12, 2021


I have the stems done. Time to work on the giant leaf, which I've started. Time for waaaay too many French knots.


Another Year Crept By


Yay, I finished this fairly large piece before the end of 2020! It looks pretty good, and I'm still happy with my choice of fabric for it.

Carol The Elf

 Carol loves wearing shirts, but she had problems with her antlers. Leonora did get a good shot of her, though. She's our little excitable, anxious elf.

Monday, January 11, 2021

Welcome Friends by Joan Elliot - Work From Home #44

I changed out the fabric on this, as the original was white aida. Yuck! A pretty good start, at least. Time will get it done.


All The Clerestory Windows

The dark upper windows on all four houses are done. Yay! And the fourth quarter's willow tree is started, too. Not much love from the spinner on this lately, but there's progress.


Gift From Leonora

Leonora commissioned this for us from one of her photographs. It's Mattie out on the back porch. I miss Mattie so much. Now I get to see her every day. This is the most wonderful gift she could have given us. Thank you.

My Little Sparkler

Chad did not mind having his headband on and walked around for quite a while with it. He's sparkly!