Saturday, February 13, 2021

An Evening's Work

An agate necklace and some brass earrings. Old Darby Smart ones. Getting the kits done so they take up less space.


He Fits

While not nearly as big as Mattie, Grayson is still a big done. On the other hand, he can fit in a chair when he wants to.

Mirror Images

Another square done; this one was mirror images of the same stitches. Slowly it  gets done.


Friday, February 12, 2021

Little Hummingbird

This shit show of a pandemic has gone on long enough that I've begun finishing off designs I started after stitch maynia last year. One day draws to the next, almost all of each day working and stitching. On the other hand, picking out all the colors for this has been fun.


Fourth Corner Started

The two unfinished corners make up one complete one, right? On the last side of the purple.

Beeing Well

This was Ink Circles' little pandemic freebie. I've made it into an ornament and it will hang on the wall somewhere when we finally finish unpacking.


Judgy Carol

Carol the judgy babushka. Granted, all babushkas are judgy. She just does it so well for being so young.