Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Orchid From Coryn

Coryn gave me this beautiful orchid as a thank you gift. She got the color I love most! It's beautiful and I am endeavoring to not kill it.

Nikki's Afghan

I got Nikki's afghan done before she went on pregnancy medevac. Even better, she likes it!


Officially On Fourth

I am now officially working on the fourth frog (the one in the middle). Yay, progress!


Chad On A Mission

Chad always just chugs away at his walks unless something interests him. Then he must investigate.


Tuesday, July 20, 2021

About Half The Knots

This piece is almost halfway done. I am getting closer. I like the way the silk looks.


Almost Vaccinated

This is so close to being done.


Molle E Eger

Friday dinners have started back up, which means Molla e Eger is back on the list. People like it a lot, although they charge too much for the wine and the meat could be cooked a lot better.