Saturday, November 06, 2021

Making Raki

Across the courtyard where we were drinking and eating, the guys were making the year's raki.


Wild Geraniums

You can find these little flowers all over the Balkans if you look for them.


Thursday, November 04, 2021

All Flaked Out

The fabric is a lot more purple, but the piece is done. Another Ink Circles finish as I work slowly through my stash. I think it'll make a nice little ornament.


Stitching The Branches

The blue inside is done, and now i's time for all the branches blowing in the vortex.



The antlers are done. Now on to the whole of the rest of the reindeer. So much more to do!


Homemade Birthday (Cheese)Cake

Leonora greeted us upon our return from Italy with a gorgeous birthday cake for me. She is so talented at both the baking and the decorating! Yes, those are real flowers - and she used my flask shot glasses too. It was so special and she nailed the sour of the lemon and the strawberry jam just right.

Thank you so much, Leonora! I loved it! 


Petrovic Winery

Petrovic may advertize itself as a raki factory, but it's the food we come for. Look at all this spread! It was for nine people. And it tasted sooooo good.