Wednesday, January 05, 2022

Thessaloniki TGIF

Sometimes comfort food takes the form of US food chains. In this case, we found a TGIFridays right on Aristotileus Square in Thessaloniki. It was something we didn't realize we had needed until we went.


The Helmet

Why you would want a goat skull on your helmet, I will never know. But this is what Skenderbeu wore.


Tuesday, January 04, 2022

Working On The Last Bits

I am so much better pleased with these colors than the ones I originally used. And it's still looking like French porcelain to me. 


Frog Four Finally Finishing

Just a tiny bit to do on Frog Four's hands, then it's off for Frog Five on the left.


All Eight Circles

I think this came out pretty well. I used The Silk Mill's filament silk, and it added a bit of sparkle. This was one of Tracy's Patreon monthly designs.


Lots Of Earrings

Some of these were gifts from Leonora, some were bought at the Christmas market. All are appreciated and loved. And I need to go back to wearing earrings every day.


Balcony View

This is the view from the room we had at the Panorama Hotel in Kruje. I'd go back.